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Thanks for all the info!

Posted: Tue Jul 29, 2008 2:03 pm
by GuineaPigs
I became a fan of this show when it used to come on every Saturday Morning. I've always had a fear of flying and I get really anxious before I go on a plane. Yet, for some reason watching past airline crashes and seeing how the industry has improved calms my nerves. I guess that makes since. Anyway, I've started keeping track of what episodes are coming on (Discovery Channel) and have really enjoyed wathcing it. I just wanted to thank this forum for all the excellent information. Ive probably seen less then half of the epsiodes and after reading the previews for some I can't wait to watch them. (I loved the episode with the Microburst!) I'm also happy to see they're coming out with a 6th season. So thanks for all the fabulous info!