Season 3 Episode List

Season 3.
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Season 3 Episode List

Post by Chris »

Season 3
  1. Hanging by a Thread
    - Aloha Airlines Flight 243 is en route from Hilo to Honolulu in Hawaii with 95 passengers and crew. Fuselage skin lap joints, badly damaged by corrosion resulting from a fault at manufacture, and by metal fatigue, give way and a section of the roof between the cockpit and the leading edges of the wings is torn off. The aircraft manages an emergency landing at Kahului, Maui. A flight attendant blown out of the cabin is the only fatality.

  2. Attack Over Baghdad
    - Terror in Iraq strikes when a terrorist missile is fired at a European Air Transport freighter flying on behalf of DHL Aviation. The left wing burns out of control and all hydraulic pressure is lost. Despite the damage the aircraft lands safely at Baghdad, the second successful landing of a large airliner without the use of hydraulics (after UA232 in Sioux City). The crew are later given awards in recognition of their actions that day.

  3. Out of Control
    - The cause of this accident lay seven years previously, when a Japan Airlines Boeing 747 landed and scraped its tail on the runway. The damage is incorrectly repaired and the aircraft returns to service. On the day of the crash the aircraft is operating as Flight 123 when the poorly-repaired rear pressure bulkhead bursts, destroying the vertical fin and rupturing all four hydraulic systems. The pilots manage to keep the aircraft flying for 32 minutes until it clips a mountain ridge. It then spins uncontrollably and impacts Mt. Osutaka. Of the 524 passengers onboard, many survive the crash but die during the night; only four survive to be rescued the next day. This is the largest ever death toll for a single-aircraft disaster.

  4. Fight for Your Life (Suicide Attack)
    - Auburn Calloway is about to be fired from FedEx for lying on his résumé. He boards FedEx Flight 705 with hammers and a speargun. After the cargo flight takes off from Memphis, Tennessee, Calloway storms into the cockpit and attacks the flight crew. They fight to subdue their co-worker and land the aircraft safely back at Memphis. Calloway is immediately arrested by police on the ground.

  5. Mistaken Identity
    - The Iran–Iraq War is raging in the Persian Gulf region. The USS Vincennes is a highly advanced cruiser, capable of identifying and destroying aircraft with pinpoint accuracy. But when Iran Air Flight 655 crosses the Gulf, the crew of the Vincennes, despite its high-tech equipment, mistake the airliner for an F-14 Tomcat fighter jet and launch a missile, shooting it down and killing all on board.

  6. Bomb on Board
    - Terrorist Ramzi Yousef smuggles a bomb aboard Philippine Airlines Flight 434 on the first leg of its flight. On the final leg of the journey to Tokyo the bomb explodes, killing a passenger and damaging the aircraft's control systems. The pilot makes a successful emergency landing in Okinawa. The larger plot to bring down as many as a dozen aircraft is foiled.

  7. Helicopter Down
    - Sixteen oil rig workers' and two pilots' lives hang in the balance when their Super Puma helicopter is struck by lightning in a storm while flying to the Brae oilfield. The lightning strikes the tail rotor and it fails. The pilots perform an emergency autorotation and ditch in the sea. Everyone on board gets on a life raft, which is overcrowded and leaking in giant swells. Despite the conditions, the workers and pilots are rescued. The lightning struck due to the composite materials in the rotor blades, raising concerns among the investigators.

  8. Death and Denial (Egypt Air 990)
    - First Officer Gameel Al-Batouti takes control of EgyptAir Flight 990 after it is established at its cruising altitude of 33,000 feet, and switches off the autopilot. The aircraft subsequently dives at a rate of over 20,000 feet per minute (losing 17,000 feet of altitude in 44 seconds), creating weightlessness in the cabin. The aircraft ascends back to 24,000 feet, then dives again. The maneuvers cause the left engine to be torn off. Less than three minutes after leaving cruising altitude the aircraft crashes into the Atlantic Ocean 100 kilometres South of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. Today, the cause is still a matter of debate.

  9. Kid in the Cockpit
    - The captain of Aeroflot Flight 593 brings his two children into the cockpit. He sits his daughter in the captain's seat and she has a turn at being a pilot, though she does not touch the controls. Then the pilot's 15 year old son has a turn in the captain's seat. He turns the control yoke to the right then brings it back to the neutral position. The autopilot tries to command a roll to correct the aircraft's course, but the boy is holding the yoke in the neutral position. This causes the autopilot roll servo to disconnect from the aileron control system. Flight 593 banks right at a 90 degree angle. The pilot tries to get his son to correct the turn but the aircraft stalls. The aircraft enters a spin and the pilots find that due to high g-forces they cannot reach the control columns. The First Officer manages to reach his control column and together with the captain's son pulls the aircraft out of the dive, but it is too late. The aircraft crashes at a near-level attitude and all 75 people on board die.

  10. Head-On Collision (Train Collision) (Impact on the Rails)
    - A freight train travels on a line of the Canadian National Railway network. The train passes slow and then stop signals, and speeds up instead of stopping. The drivers at the front are asleep. The overseer in the rear caboose calls the drivers at the front but he hears nothing. He does not stop the train despite being trained to use an emergency brake. Now the freight train is heading towards a passenger train on the same track. The trains collide and a fire breaks out. The disaster claims the lives of 23 people.

  11. Collision Course (Greek Ferry Disaster) (Express Samina)
    - In stormy weather, the Express Samina sails in the Mediterranean Sea. The captain leaves the ferry on autopilot so he can watch a football match on television. The waves push the Express Samina off course. A violent impact rocks the ferry; it has hit a group of rocks and is now taking on water. Everyone panics and try to rescue themselves by jumping off the ferry. The ferry sinks under the waves. Survivors fight for their lives in the freezing water and giant swells. By the time rescuers finish their task 80 passengers drown in the Aegean Sea.

  12. Runaway Train (Unstoppable Train)
    - An overloaded freight train is descending from a pass in the mountains. The driver applies all brakes but they overheat and the train continues to gain speed. The train enters a turn near San Bernardino, California, derails, and crashes into a row of houses, killing five people. More than a week later, an underground gasoline pipeline which has been damaged during the crash site cleanup ruptures, killing two more people.

  13. Ocean Landing (African Hijack)
    - Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 is hijacked and the hijackers demand that the crew fly to Australia. The pilot tries to convince the hijackers that there isn't enough fuel but they insist their demand be met. The pilot tries to trick them by flying down the coast of Africa, but the hijackers notice and force the pilot to fly east. The pilot obeys but heads for the Comoros Islands, near where the aircraft runs out of fuel. The leading hijacker disengages the autopilot and tries to fly the aircraft himself but realizes he can't control Flight 961. The pilot is put back in control and attempts to land the 767 on the water next to a beach at Grand Comoro Island but the aircraft breaks up as its wing hits the water; 125 people die.
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Re: Season 3 Episode List

Post by David »

I've just watched the season 3 episode Fight for Your Life (Fedex 705) again. The plane involved is a DC-10-30, in one scene shown as the plane has just taken off there is no centre landing gear leg. That would be a DC-10-10. Just before landing they show 4 landing gear legs (747), then rolling down the runway after landing the plane has the centre landing gear leg (DC-10-30.)
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Re: Season 3 Episode List

Post by vriz27 »

hello from greece. anyone know where to find and dnld the last three episodes of season 3( the greek ferry and the two train accidents??).

many thanks in advance....
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