Season 4

Season 4 originally aired in 2007 and consists of 10 episodes all dealing with airplane accidents. There were a total of 591 fatalities in this season.

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Episode 1 - Desperate Escape

  • On 2 August 2005, Air France Flight 358 overran the runway in a storm and smashed through the airport fence before plunging into a small ravine. The cause of the crash was the aircraft was too high for its landing, the runway was too short and the crew deployed the thrust reversers too late. There were no fatalities.
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Episode 2 - Fire Flight

  • On 2 June 1983, a fire broke out on Air Canada Flight 797 in the aircraft's toilet. An emergency landing was made in Cincinnati, but the aircraft was engulfed by flames as the doors opened on the runway due to a flashover, killing 23 people.
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Episode 3 - Falling from the Sky

  • On 24 June 1982, British Airways Flight 9 experienced St. Elmo's fire, a few minutes later all four engines flamed out. After descending the crew successfully restarted the engines and landed safely. The St. Elmo's fire and engine flame out was caused by volcanic ash.
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Episode 4 - Missed Approach

  • On 6 August 1997, the crew of Korean Air Flight 801 initiated a missed approach while on a final approach because they were unable to see the runway, but the aircraft crashed, killing 228 people.
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Episode 5 - Hidden Danger

  • On 3 March 1991, United Airlines Flight 585's rudder failed and the aircraft crashed, killing 25 people. On 8 September 1994, USAir Flight 427's rudder also failed, killing 132 people. On 9 June 1996, Eastwind Airlines Flight 517's rudder failed too, but the crew successfully regained control of the aircraft and landed safely. The cause of all three incidents was the rudders doing a "hardover" and jamming due to thermal shock.
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Episode 6 - Panic Over the Pacific

  • On 19 February 1985, one of China Airlines Flight 006 four engines flamed out. As the crew tried to restart the engine the aircraft went into a deep dive. The crew successfully regained control and landed safely. The incident was caused by pilot error.
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Episode 7 - Out of Sight

  • On 31 August 1986, Aeroméxico Flight 498 and Piper Archer N4891F collided over Cerritos, California, killing 82 people.
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Episode 8 - Fog of War

  • On 3 April 1996, while attempting a landing in heavy fog United States Air Force Flight IFO-21 went off course and crashed, killing 35 people.
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Episode 9 - Vertigo

  • On 3 January 2004, just after take-off Flash Airlines Flight 604 banked right and crashed, killing 148 people. The cause of this disaster is disputed.
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Episode 10 - Ghost Plane

  • On 14 August 2005, air traffic controllers lost radio contact with Helios Airways Flight 522. Two F-16s from the Hellenic Air Force investigated and found all but one person not moving. A few moments later the aircraft ran out of fuel and crashed, killing 121 people. An incorrect setting on the cabin pressurization panel caused the pilots and everyone else on board to succumb to hypoxia.
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