Season 4 Episode List

Season 4.
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Season 4 Episode List

Post by Chris »

Season 4
  1. Desperate Escape (Miracle Escape)
    - Air France Flight 358 comes in too high for landing at Toronto Pearson International Airport during a storm. The runway is short and the pilots deploy the thrust reversers too late. The A340 overruns the runway and smashes through the airport fence before plunging into a small ravine. Although the aircraft suffers an out-of-control fire from one of the engines, all 309 people onboard survive by evacuating the aircraft in less than 90 seconds.

  2. Falling from the Sky (All Engines Failed)
    - British Airways Flight 9 experiences St. Elmo's fire along with smoke smelling like sulfur in the cabin. All four engines on the Boeing 747 start flaming then flame out. With 263 people on board, BA009 starts downward but minutes before its fate in the ocean, the crew successfully restart the engines. The aircraft makes an emergency landing at Jakarta where inspection reveals that it looks as if it has been sandblasted. The strange happenings were from volcanic ash coming from a volcano in Indonesia. The fine particles of ash melted inside the engines, clogging them and causing all four to fail.

  3. Fire Fight (Fiery Landing)
    - Air Canada Flight 797 experiences an in-flight fire in the aircraft's toilet. Smoke fills the cabin and everyone gasps for fresh air. An emergency landing is made in Cincinnati, but due to a flashover the DC-9 is engulfed by flames shortly after the doors are opened on the runway. Due to heavy smoke, half of the passengers perish due to not being able to find the exits in time. There was no pin point cause due to the fire damage to the aircraft.

  4. Final Approach (Missed Approach) (Blind Landing)
    - Korean Air Flight 801 with its 254 passengers and crew is on final approach to Guam's Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport. The glideslope part of the Instrument landing system is out of service and a software change to the ground proximity radar system at the airport prevents the aircraft from being shown on the system. In the clouds and rain, the tired pilots struggle to find runway 6L. They follow the DME signals towards the airport and extend the flaps and undercarriage. The aircraft descends, but the pilots still cannot see the airport. They attempt a missed approach procedure but Flight 801 hits the rugged terrain of Nimitz Hill. The Boeing 747 breaks up and grinds to a halt. The crash causes passengers' legs to break on the seat crossbars. Stored "Duty Free" alcohol in the compartments mix with oxygen and ignite a raging fire. 26 crawl out but 228 die in the wreckage. One passenger tries to make improvements on the seat designs and storage of "Duty Free" and oxygen.

  5. Hidden Danger (Mystery Crashes)
    - The rudder fails on a Boeing 737 operating as United Airlines Flight 585 and the aircraft spins out of control during approach to Colorado Springs, killing 25. Investigators are unable to determine the cause although they suspect a problem in the power control unit (PCU) which controls the rudder. Then three years later, another Boeing 737 flying as USAir Flight 427 crashes after a similar event during final approach. This time, the PCU survives intact but functions normally during testing. Two years on, Eastwind Airlines Flight 517 experiences two massive rolls to the right but the pilot is able to control the rolls and lands the 737 safely. This time an intact PCU is available for inspection. Investigations determine that thermal shock caused the rudders of the three aircraft to "hardover" and jam.

  6. Panic Over the Pacific (6 Mile Plunge)
    - China Airlines Flight 006 encounters turbulence while flying to Los Angeles. The No. 4 engine flames out and the crew tries to restart the engine at too high an altitude. The aircraft banks slowly to the right but the crew do not notice the autopilot can no longer hold the aircraft straight and level. The captain disconnects the autopilot and immediately loses control, sending the aircraft into a spiraling nosedive. The Flight Engineer mistakes readings on the gauges for total engine failures on all engines rather than the Captain setting the throttles to idle. The extreme forces rip the undercarriage doors off and parts of the horizontal stabilizers rip off as well. The Boeing 747SP clears the clouds and the pilot can once again see the horizon. The crew recover the aircraft from the dive and the it lands safely at San Francisco despite control problems associated with the tailplane damage. Two people are hurt, but everyone is alive.

  7. Out of Sight (Collision Over LA)
    - Aeroméxico Flight 498 is descending into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for landing. Meanwhile, a private Piper Archer takes off from an airfield in nearby Torrance. The Archer unwittingly enters LAX airspace but the air traffic controller does not notice it due to a distraction by another light aircraft on his radar screen. Over the residential district of Cerritos the Archer hits Flight 498's horizontal stabilizer, shearing off the top of its cockpit and destroying half of the tail of Flight 498. The badly damaged DC-9 rolls inverted and plummets into the houses below. Everyone on board perishes as well as 15 people on the ground. The occupants of the Archer died after the impact with the DC-9.

  8. Fog of War (Crash in Croatia) (Inbound) (Flight 21 Is Missing)
    -A USAF Boeing CT-43 operating operating Flight 21 attempts an instrument approach into Dubrovnik Airport in heavy fog. The passengers are mainly government officials, including U.S. Government Secretaries. The pilots attempt the IFR non-precision NDB approach to Runway 12. The aircraft goes off course and hits mountains north of the airport, killing all 35 people onboard, including the United States Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown.

  9. Vertigo (Deadly Disorientation) (Desperate Dive)
    - Flash Airlines Flight 604 departs Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport in Egypt for Paris. Just after take-off, the aircraft banks right and goes off course. The pilot corrects the roll but the aircraft banks right again. This time the pilot does nothing. The Boeing 737 rolls further and descends into the Red Sea 9km south of Sharm el-Sheikh. Everyone on board is dead. The cause of this disaster is disputed.

  10. Ghost Plane (Unconscious Pilot)
    - Helios Airways Flight 522 departs from Cyprus. As it flies over Greece, air traffic controllers lose radio contact with it.An incorrect setting on the cabin pressurization panel causes the pilots and everyone on board to succumb to hypoxia. Fighter jets are sent up to meet with the Boeing 737. One of the fighters draws alongside and its pilot sees that the First Officer appears to be alone and unconscious in the flight deck. Everyone visible in the cabin seems to be unconscious as well, and oxygen masks are dangling from the cabin ceiling. Then the fighter pilot witnesses someone enter the cockpit. The mysterious person appears to be trying to regain control of the aircraft, but it is too late. Soon, Flight 522 runs out of fuel and dives into a hill near Marathon, Greece. There are no survivors. After a thorough investigation, the mysterious person is found out to be a flight attendant who managed to stay conscious by using a portable oxygen mask as opposed to the aircraft's installed oxygen masks.
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Re: Season 4 Episode List

Post by David »

I've just realised that there is a big error in Episode 6 - Panic Over the Pacific.

The plane involved was a 747SP, but the plane shown is most likely a 747-100 series. A SP is noticeably shorter than the rest of the 747 series, would have thought that the producers would pick up on that.

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