Season 8 Episode List

Season 8.
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Season 8 Episode List

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Season 8
  1. Manchester Runway Disaster
    - How did a minor fire on the runway at Manchester Airport turn into a major disaster in which 55 people died? Investigate the 1985 catastrophe.

  2. Pilot Vs. Plane
    - An Airbus A320 operated by Air France fails to regain altitude and crashes after performing a flyby during an airshow at Mulhouse-Habsheim Airport, killing 3 passengers.

  3. Cockpit Chaos
    - In the second-deadliest airplane disaster in US history, Northwest Airlines Flight 255 crashed on take-off. Could the tragedy have been avoided?

  4. Cleared for Disaster
    - On a busy night at LA International Airport in 1991, a Boeing 737 crashed into a building – leaving investigators with a grim recovery operation.

  5. Target is Destroyed
    - During the Cold War, a Korean Air Lines red eye flight en-route to Seoul from New York via Anchorage strays over restricted Soviet airspace and is subsequently shot down, sparking an international controversy.

  6. Cold Case
    - Moments after takeoff, the passenger plane crashes into trees 962 metres beyond the end of the runway.

  7. Invisible Mountain
    - A French passenger airliner crashes into the Vosges Mountains while circling to land at Strasbourg Airport. The crash kills 87 of the 96 passengers and crew on board.

  8. Miami Mystery
    - As a Chalk's Grumman Mallard aircraft just takes off, the right wing explodes and the seaplane plunges into the sea. All 20 people on board die, now investigators have to find out what caused the catastrophic structural failure.
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Re: Season 7 Episode List

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Awesome, thanks. :D
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