Crash Transport Investigation (C.T.I.)

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Crash Transport Investigation (C.T.I.)

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Almost a year and a half ago, I began working on a project, a remake of Mayday. I made a plan for the series, worked for 2 months non stop animation, to produce the pilot episode on time, but the result was a disaster. The cartoon, consumed a lot of time, a lot of nerves, but it is my biggest failure in animation, although still a pretty good job.

check it out: it's a remake of the first episodeof Mayday :D

And don't forget to watch part 2 :D

Anyway, after releasing the cartoon on youtube, and other Slovenian pages, it got clear to me, that fictional air disasters won't appeall, to wievers. So I renamed the series as Crash Transport Investigations. I didn't change the plot though. The plan was, to document various Slovenian disasters, like for instance Inex Adria flight 1308, the worst md-80 accident ever, or the collision over Zagreb, and a few more Adria airlines crashes, followed by various ski lift accidents, and rail accidents...

The plan didn't work out, as there was no interest.

But I decided, to give it another chance, after a year of inactivity!

I will release a new, higher quality episode, featuring an aircraft, that'll be chosen by the public, if the C.T.I. improves in you tube wievs.
So now I'm promoting it everywhere I can, and tell, what you think (asides from bad inglish xD )
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