Season 2 Episode List

Season 2.
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Season 2 Episode List

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Season 2
  1. Blow Out (Ripped from the Cockpit)
    - The night before the incident, a maintenance worker replaces the screws attaching the cockpit window on a British Airways BAC-111 but does not follow the correct procedure, using incorrect screws. The next day the aircraft is heading for Malaga, Spain as Flight 5390 when the cockpit window blows out, sucking the captain partially through the hole. A member of the cabin crew clings to the pilot's legs as the co-pilot flies the aircraft to Southampton Airport for an emergency landing. The captain is found to be still alive after being outside the cockpit for 21 minutes.

  2. A Wounded Bird (Wounded Bird) (One Wing Flight)
    - Like all modern multi-engine aircraft, the EMB 120 Brasilia is designed to fly with one engine inoperative. However, Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 529's left propeller is damaged by metal fatigue causing it to lose one of its blades. The resulting imbalance tears the propeller gear box from the front of the engine, and the remains of the propeller are now lying against the front of the wing and disrupting the airflow over the wing. That and the massive increase in drag of the damaged engine means the aircraft is unable to maintain height on one engine, and the aircraft crashes before it can reach an airport. Although all occupants survive the crash itself, a subsequent fire kills the captain and a passenger; seven more people die later from their burns and another burnt passenger dies of a heart attack.

  3. The Killing Machine (Hijacked) (Hijack Rescue)
    - Air France Flight 8969 to Paris-Orly is hijacked on the ground at Algiers Airport. The terrorists demand the aircraft be allowed to depart for Paris. The Algerian Army refuses and three of the 220 passengers are shot dead over the next two days. The aircraft is cleared to take-off but the crew divert it to Marseille Provence Airport. The terrorist leader forces the pilots to park the aircraft in front of the control tower and the terrorists open fire on the tower building. The Hostage rescue team of the French Gendarmerie storm the aircraft and after a gun battle in the cabin, the hijackers are dead. Everyone else is evacuated.

  4. Deadly Crossroads (Mid-Air Collision)
    - Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 is flying in German airspace near Überlingen under control of Swiss Skyguide with 69 people on board including 45 school children. Due to multiple faults within the local air traffic control system, the Tu-154M aircraft collides with the tail of DHL Flight 611, carrying air freight and two pilots. Flight 2937 is destroyed instantly, killing everyone on board. Flight 611 crashes shortly afterwards, killing the two pilots. A total of 71 people are killed.

  5. Lost (Crash on the Mountain)
    - American Airlines Flight 965 heads for Cali, Colombia. Without the assistance of ground radar the crew is asked if they would like to do a straight-in approach to Cali. The pilots agree and inadvertently remove the waypoints from the flight plan in their Flight management system (FMS), causing them to become lost. Their mistakes cause them to crash into a 9000 foot mountain near Buga. Only four passengers and a pet dog survive. They find themselves lost in the rainforest and they are not found for several days. It is the deadliest Boeing 757 disaster for a US carrier.

  6. Missing Over New York (Deadly Delay)
    - It is normal for an aircraft to be delayed in flight. However Avianca Flight 52 is delayed numerous times, causing the Boeing 707 with 158 people on board to run out of fuel. The aircraft then crashes near Cove Neck, New York. Seventy-three people die.
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