ACI - A low budget programme??

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ACI - A low budget programme??

Post by AnitaB »

Hello all,

Just registered here to get any comments on the following...

Last night, I had a disagreement with my partner about the quality and budget of the Air Crash Investigation programme series. He thinks it's a 'low budget' production...

I can't see any evidence for this and, myself, perceive it as a very high quality documentary series (and, thus, a high budget production).

Does anyone have any views or facts on this budget / quality issue?


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Re: ACI - A low budget programme??

Post by Chris »

I think it is a high budget documentary. The one difference that I have noticed which may have been a way to cut costs is that the cockpit gauges in the newer episodes are analog gauges that are displayed digitally. In the older episodes it looked like they were in actual cockpits if that makes any sense. They send a camera crew around the world to interview survivors or relatives.
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