FedEx Flight 80 March 23, 2009

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FedEx Flight 80 March 23, 2009

Post by Chris »

Check out the article for some intense pictures: Article
Two US pilots have been killed after a FedEx cargo plane crashed in high winds at Tokyo's international airport.
The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 was flying in from Guangzhou in southern China when it burst into a ball of flames at Narita airport.
TV footage showed FedEx Flight 80's nose hit the runway before the plane bounced onto its left wing and exploded.
It skidded along at high speed as black smoke poured out, and then flipped over before coming to a halt.
Police spokesman Yoshino Ichihara said pilot Kevin Kylemosley and co-pilot Anthony Stephen-Pino were both killed in the crash.
The pair were reportedly the only people on board the plane.
Japan's meteorological agency said the plane was trying to land in winds of up to 45mph when the crash happened.
It had warned of the risk of wind shear - when wind speed and direction suddenly change as a plane is about to land.
The crash has closed down Runway A, the longest of the airport's two runways.
Officials said the crash has caused cancellations and delays, and scores of flights are being diverted to other airports.
The transport ministry is investigating the cause of the crash.
Last month, 47 passengers and crew were injured when a Northwest Airlines Boeing 747 hit turbulence while circling near Narita.
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Re: FedEx Flight 80 March 23, 2009

Post by arjdette04 »

Yeah, Ive heard a brief story about this news last year. Maybe it's a human error. However, the FedEx company still had the responsibility in that disaster. And I think, in my opinion, there had a problem in the engine that had been a reason of that accident.
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