On this site you will find a forum for the TV show Mayday or Air Crash Investigation discussing all aspects of the show. As well, there is a wiki for aviation terminology mostly relating to the commercial pilot licence in Canada.

TV Series

The first show aired on September 3, 2003 in Canada with episodes running between 45 and 55 minutes. There are 11 seasons totalling 85 episodes. In total, there were 10 124 fatalities. Season 12 is in production and will have a total of 13 episodes.

In Canada, the show is titled Mayday and is narrated by Stephen Bogaert and airs on Discovery Channel Canada. In the United States, it is also narrated by Stephen Bogaert which airs on National Geographic Channel and is titled Air Emergency. For Australia and the United Kingdom, Jonathan Aris narrates and it airs on National Geographic Channel under the title Air Crash Investigation. The show can be viewed in 122 countries in 26 languages.


The show has been nominated for Best Picture Editing in a Documentary Series Gemini Award. The episode that won was Lockerbie Disaster.


The DVD release of season one came out on April 7, 2009 for region 1 only and season 7 on April 6, 2010 for region 4 only. Season 3 and 4 are combined in one set and are being released on Blu-ray and DVD on April 3, 2012. Future releases of other seasons are unknown.